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Bespoke Mindfulness Workshops

A Mindful Life

Are you seeking to learn more about mindfulness and how it relates to your well-being?

Do you sometimes feel that you are running on the hamster wheel of life and can’t get off? Are your sleep problems annoying? Stress, snappy moods and short-attention span all too common and uncomfortable? Yes, sigh. The good news is that learning about mindfulness, meditation, kindness and compassion can offer experiential insight into how it can impact and improve your health and well-being. 

These bespoke mindfulness workshops can be created for companies, health-focussed communities (ex. cancer, diabetes, pain management), social organisations and also a group of friends that are just curious to learn more about mindfulness. 

Session content can include various elements depending on your needs:

      • Focus & Attention skills
      • Understanding & management of Stress
      • Renew health & well-being
      • Deepen Communication skills 
      • Creativity & Improv exercises
      • What is the meaning of A Mindful Life? 
      • Science & Research  
      • Resources, Community


Introduction to Mindfulness (1.5 – 2 hours workshops) is a basic introduction of mindfulness concepts, practices, science, research, and how it all relates to health & well-being. The sessions are informative, interactive and experiential with guided practices.


Introduction to Kindness & Compassion (1.5 – 4 hours workshops) often in our best intentions and time given in care and concern for others, we miss out on the importance of self-care and attentiveness to our own well-being. This experiential & interactive workshop explores these relationships of self and others with a gentle approach.


Mindfulness Workshop/Mini-Retreat (half-day and full-day options) these sessions are created according to the participants’ knowledge of meditation and mindfulness practices. For beginners, there is more instruction and interactive practices to support the learning experience. For advanced mindfulness practitioners, silent programs are led with teacher-guided practices. The range of meditations can include: Body Scan, Attentional Focus, Mindful Movement, Walking, Eating, Mountain/Lake Meditation, Loving Kindness, Poetry, Stories.


Monthly Follow-Up Series (4x sessions: once per month over 4 months) is designed for graduates of 8-week mindfulness courses who wish to refresh their practice skills that they learned previously and deepen insights into engaging a more mindful life within a supportive community.


Relaxation Sessions (1 hour) – these sessions can be a one-time meeting or run as a series over weeks, either in-person or online. A) program can include 2-3 short meditation practices complemented with poetry and/or a story for thoughtful reflection. B) program can include guided meditation in a nature setting with some discussion. C) program can include specific practices suitable for a particular interest group (educators, health-related patients/caregivers, office workers, parents, etc.)

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