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 Creative Process

That’s my cosy studio in the garden, a quiet place surrounded by sounds of nature and the hum of neighbourhood life – children cycling by on the street in front and dogs barking on walks in the nature reserve behind us. Comforting. Harmony. My refuge.

In reflecting back over the years, my emotional challenges at different stages were punctuated by periods of creativity like quotation marks on a phase. “Moving towns and schools as a teenager” – the art room became my safe place to make peaceful nature paintings to alleviate suffering my social insecurities. Reacting to “stressful job in my twenties”, I went to life drawing sessions at The Art Students League in New York City. Sketching live models was a calming time-out from hectic office pressures. As a tired “mother with first baby”, I discovered a painting group in a gallery space in Frankfurt, Germany. The teacher encouraged us: “Paint! Don’t look outwards for ideas – listen to the inspiration from within.” Staring with a big white blank canvas, it was scary but energising to have no external reference, and yet, some of my most intriguing abstract work emerged then. Years passed with creative bursts in two groups of international artists in Hong Kong and then many more years later during my “mindfulness teacher years” I wrote meditations and created labyrinths for spiritual contemplation in slowing down from the fast-lane urban pace. Looking back now, it’s clear to me that I had an inherent need to connect with myself, process and express my emotions, and find genuine joy and energy through creation amongst other artists.



This past year has been yet another emotional transition – “adjusting to a new country”. Thankfully, I joined a painting group to find artistic connection and inspiration. For me, the creative process is like visual storytelling, emerging from my inner landscape of questioning and understanding while I navigate the waters of life. Sometimes, it is smooth sailing and other times fraught with storms and choppy swells. The external facets of my landscape – friends, family, society, culture and world events – also influence my sense of equanimity in intriguing ways. We are all intricately connected in myriad ways. As viewers, I invite you to pause, take a breath, and sense what may resonate with your own story and inner world.

This recent work, “Swipe Right”, was accepted to hang in the prestigious Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2023 in London. What a surprise and an honour to be included in the world’s oldest and continuously running (255 years) public art exhibition, alongside both professional and amateur artists! The theme of the this year’s RA Summer Exhibition is “Only Connect”, and I felt that this work answered that calling in the contemporary usage of phone Apps for finding relationships. You can read more about the painting on the Gallery page.

Group Exhibitions

2024     Leiden, Netherlands – Red Door Studios Group,  “Meet The Makers”  

2023     London, UK – Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition 2023, “Only Connect”

2015     Hong Kong SAR – International Exhibition and Art Sale celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the International Year of the Woman, American’s Women Association, ART “On the Line” 

2007     Hong Kong SAR – Artists Abroad Group, “Living Colour” @Exchange Square Rotunda

2006    Hong Kong SARArtist’s Abroad Group, “Windows”, @City Hall, Central

2005    Hong Kong SAR – “See Something Out of Ordinary”, @Pacific Place Rotunda

2002 – Frankfurt, Germany – Atelier Galerie AM PARK, “Expressions”

2002 – Oberursel, Germany – International Fine Art Exhibition 

2001 – Oberursel, Germany – American Women’s Association Fall Art Exhibition

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